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make time for what matters most

personal and business concierge services 


Whether you need help the day of, want a unique backdrop, or prefer help with the entire process, Master Plan Concierge can assist you with your special day! Let's chat and create an extrodinary event!


meet Kim

your on-call personal assistant

Hello! Kim Dolenga here, face of Master Plan Concierge.


I started this business because I love to help people. I am passionate about projects and believe that little things make a big difference.


I am creative, organized and savvy. And, my former professional life was in upscale retail management, so I am accustomed to exceeding the needs of my customers.


My objective is to help you make time for what matters most!

  • Do you have a project that never gets checked off your to do list?

  • Are repetitive tasks keeping you from more important work?

  • Do you own a small business that needs temporary help?

  • Are you overwhelmed with planning an upcoming event? 

If you dream of delegating...

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how can we help?

personal concierge services

business concierge services

event curation services

time is precious. spend it wisely.

how are you spending yours?


increase productivity

Master Plan Concierge will eliminate the banal tasks that are preventing you from focusing on more productive priorities.


Whether your goals are personal or professional, removing these distractions will allow you to spend your time achieving them!

expand cost efficiency

Master Plan Concierge will help your business thrive. Experience a higher return on investment by utilizing concierge services targeting your business’s specific needs.


There are no additional costs like insurance, paid leaves or other traditional employee benefits. No need to waste resources on the hiring process either.

create flexibility

Master Plan Concierge will create flexibility in managing your to do list. Take advantage of services only when you need them.


Vacations, medical leaves, and milestone events can stretch resources for individuals and businesses. Outsource the work, get a helping hand or benefit from interim staffing.

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